We are committed to ensuring our company has a positive impact on the planet as a result of the choices we make.   Our policy is to use recycled or recyclable materials as much as possible.

  • The plastic we are using will always be recyclable:  we have chosen to use plastic for certain products to ensure the product does not degrade, for example our Candle Kit wax is packaged in a recyclable PE stand up pouch as it provides you with a bag for your wax that has a longer shelf life, this product can be recycled over and over again.   We will continue to source alternative materials to ensure we are making the best decision for our environment.
  • Our candle containers are made of glass and can be reused by yourselves or recycled.  
  • We currently use a soy wax to make our candles that is manufactured in the UK by a company that has an ethical supply policy so is ecologically sourced.
  • Our fragrance oils are sourced from UK companies and are Paraben free, Vegan and Cruelty Free

We want to ensure your product reaches you in perfect condition without using unnecessary packaging.  Candles will be presented in a cardboard tube with a tin lid which can both be reused or recycled and packaged in a postal box.  All materials used will be recyclable and where possible we purchase materials made out of recycled cardboard.

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce/reuse/recycle.